The club tournament will take place on Friday, February 22, starting at 09:00, register by 08:30. Courts will be available for practice until 9.

The format is round robin with eight players in each group selected by skill level. Each player will partner with everyone in the group once and play against each player twice, one game to eleven, win by one. Total points will determine the winner of each group with games won as a decider if points are tied. Skill levels will be determined by USAPA and club ratings, position on club ladders and then recommendations from board members, instructors, and mentors.

There will be gift cards for the first and second places in each group and lunch for all afterward. BYOB. Historically, games have been finished by 11:30 when lunch has been served.

Entry fee is $ 5.00, strictly non-refundable. Friends, relatives, and other guests must pay $ 5.00 if they will remain for food afterward.

The maximum number of players is 80. If circumstances are normal, there will be dropouts. If you are interested, put your name on the list. Closing date for entries is February 15th. Participants will be confirmed by e-mail shortly after that date and reserves will be notified of their position on the wait-list.

This is a fun event and we encourage non-tournament players to participate. We will have only 16 courts so inevitably, there will be periods of waiting for a court. We will try our best to minimize this inconvenience.

Important sign-up information: Registration is not complete until all of the following have been completed.

  • First, sign up on Signup Genius to play. Sign up individually. List your partner in the comments if it is a partners tournament.
  • Next, go to the Pay Now button to pay unless you are on the waitlist.
  • If you sign up after the maximum number of allowed players, you can still register but do not pay your entry fee. If a spot opens, you will be notified to pay your entry fee.
  • An email will be sent to all players that have not paid. If your entry fee is not received before the cutoff date, you will be dropped from the playlist and someone on the wait list will take your place.

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