We ask that club members please adhere to the rules of etiquette and good sportsmanship while participating in daily play and club events at the Marinette Recreation Center and Mountain View Recreation Center venues.

Section 1. Members

  1. All members will be issued a name badge with a sticker indicating the year for which dues are current and will be worn at all Club activities.

  2. In order to play in club events your name badge with the current year sticker must be visible.

  3. Members should dress modestly and wear appropriate safety gear.

  4. Shirts must be always worn.

  5. Rubber soled shoes with closed heels and toes are required, sturdy court shoes are recommended.

  6. Eye protection, such as safety glasses, are highly recommended.

  7. Members are expected to volunteer at Club events for a minimum of four (4) hours per year*1

  8. Members shall demonstrate good sportsmanship and respect for others*

  9. In and out calls are the purview of the receiving team. The opposing team needs to accept the call that was made. If the receiving side is unsure or if they disagree on the call then the call should be called “in”. If they wish they may ask the opposing side for their opinion but then that call must be accepted as the official call.

  10. Be open to playing with all member levels. Be open to playing with both men and women. Be considerate of every member.

  11. The club provides balls for play year-around. Help keep this major cost down by returning balls to the storage coolers at each venue daily, especially during warm months. DO NOT take club balls elsewhere. Broken balls should be placed in trash containers.

Section 2. Court Usage

  1. When courts are busy, either because it is high season or in case of inclement weather: paddle racks must be used.

  2. Paddle racks will be used in this manner at Marinette: the four paddles closest to the left-hand side will take the next open court. You may place your paddle in any open available place. You may NOT move any paddle except your own. If you want to play with a particular person or group, put your paddles together. Anyone can place their paddle in an open slot. Paddle racks located on the east side of the inside Marinette courts will be for courts 9-12. The paddle racks located on the west side of the inside Marinette courts will be for courts 5-8. Paddle racks for courts 13-14 is outside court 14. The paddle racks located outside courts 15-18 will be for those courts.

  1. During inclement weather (this includes rain and/or wind) all organized activities will be suspended. This includes round robins, ladders, modified pickleball, etc.

  2. Scheduled court time*

    1. Playing time for Club members is scheduled and reserved

      1. Open play is not a Club event. It is open to all RCSC members and guests. Open play can occur on any court not designated for a Club event

      2. Drop-in play is a Club event. It is at the times and on the courts designated by the Club. Club members may “drop-in” for play and will have priority to use the reserved courts over non-Club members. Drop in play is 7:00 am -11:00 am, subject to change.

  3. Courts scheduled for Round Robins, Ladders, Clinics, Leagues, or other Club events may not be used for open or drop-in play unless the reserved courts are unoccupied. *

  4. There are always four 4 courts designated RCSC courts (not scheduled for use for club play) but can be used by Club members if there are no RCSC members playing. The designated courts are 3, 4, 7, 8 but the designated courts may change at any time.

  5. Scheduled time is subject to change depending on the volume of players, site availability, special events, or maintenance. *

  1. At Mountain View the next open court (1-7) will be used by the paddles in the first brackets with subsequent paddles court will be used by the first paddles in the holder. Others will be moved as a group to the next open slot.

Section 3. Visitors and Guests*

  1. Club members will abide by RCSC guest policies. Neither spouses nor any Sun City, Arizona resident, whether considered seasonal (30 days or longer) or permanent, can be considered guests. Guests who live within seventy-five (75) miles of Sun City, Arizona are limited to fourteen (14) guest visits per year to RCSC Facilities other than RCSC’s golf or bowling facilities which have their own respective guest rates and policies.” Please see https://suncityaz.org/corporate-bylaws/#cat3 for more information.

  1. During scheduled club time visitors or guests may not displace Club members when all reserved courts are occupied

    1. A visitor is a RCSC cardholder who is not a Pickleball Club member and eligible for club membership.

      1. Visitors may play during scheduled club time for three (3) visits, after which they are expected to join the Club

      2. Visitors may attend one Introduction to Pickleball lesson

    2. A guest is a non-RCSC cardholder

      1. Guests must pay the RCSC guest fee according to RCSC procedures

      2. Guests must be sponsored and accompanied by a Club member

      3. Guests are not eligible for Club membership

      4. Guests may not participate in Club events such as Club tournaments, ladders, lessons, round robins, reciprocal play, instructional clinics, or other events as determined by the Board

      5. Guests may be invited to some Club events, such as meetings or social gatherings, but open invitations may not be extended

      6. The Board of Directors may limit the number of guests allowed per member and in total based on court availability, planned events, or other unforeseen factors.

      7. A guest is limited to six visits per calendar year during club time.

      8. People touring the facility, or accompanying a member but not participating are not subject to guest fees

Section 5. Discipline

  1. Loud, overbearing and insensitive behavior isn’t allowed. Coaching or playing advice, unless asked for, isn’t allowed. In-or-out call disputes should be handled calmly.

  2. Members who threaten the safety of themselves or others, are verbally or physically abusive, create turmoil, disruption, or dissension among Club members or the RCSC are subject to discipline and are accountable to the Board*

Section 6. Safety

  1. First Aid supplies are available at the central kiosk in the Marinette pickleball pavilion, at the Recreation Center’s desks, and at the Mountainview courts

  2. If you notice that additional supplies are needed please make a request to a Board member as soon as possible

  3. Automated External Defibrillator (AED) are located:

    1. Near the main entrance of the Marinette Recreation Center

    2. Near the central kiosk in the Marinette pavilion

    3. At the Mountainview Recreation Center’s main desk

  4. Call 911 when appropriate

  5. Report incidents to the Recreation Centers Facilities Attendant (FA) and compete the appropriate Incident Report.

1 * Any item with an asterisk is a rule taken directly from SCPC bylaws