Do not use this form if you are simply trying to sign up for a club event. See the list of signup links in the right column (or scroll down to the list on a phone). This form is for Sun City Pickleball Club members that request a new signup page on Signup Genius. It may also be used for changes by putting your message into the Categories or Brackets section. Use “N/A” for sections that don’t apply to your signup or if there are no changes to an existing signup.

This form is only for NEW events that are not already in the list of signups in the right column.
Examples: Men's 2.5, Men's 3.0 etc. or types of volunteer positions. Show number for each plus extras in the form of (20+4) or unlimited.
List all dates, start times, and end times. For repeating events, show that it repeats every week on a day of the week and stop date. Or indicate that there is no particular date such as a show of interest.
For repeating events, list exceptions such as holidays, tournaments dates, or other events, or personal schedule.
Do not list any that are defined by the bracket (e.g. Men's 3.0, Examples: A, B, C or numeric (2.5 etc) or numeric range (2.0-2.5, 3.0-3.5 etc). Skill levels do not show up on the public page unless you want them in the comment section as free-form text.
For events with multiple dates, select the number of days for hiding future dates.
The phone number is not shown on the public page. The default is NO to make it easier to sign up.
If this event uses courts, show the start time, stop time, and the court numbers.