Go Directly to the Roster, Password Required
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Roster Instructions.

The roster is password protected for the privacy of your email address and other personal information. When you click on the roster link, you will need to enter the user name and password information. The user name and password are case sensitive and all letters should be entered as lower case. Request the username and password  by submitting this form.  Most browsers will offer to save that information so that you only have to enter it one time.

Here are some neat things about the roster that you may not have discovered:

You can update most of your personal information yourself. Yes you can, even if you don’t know much about computers. Just click on the edit link that is on the same row as your name. It is up to each pickleball club player to keep their email address up to date. If you have not been getting club emails, check your email address in the roster. Please check your personal information for accuracy and edit if necessary. You may also enter the name of your spouse or significant other and provide emergency contact information.

If your name drops off of the roster, it means that your club dues are past due by more than the grace period. That is done automatically by the computer; don’t take it personally. Renew your membership to continue in pickleball events.

Note that many columns of the roster can be sorted just by clicking on the column heading. For instance if you remember a person’s first name, but can’t remember their last name, it may be easier to find them by sorting the first name column. There is also a link to a search function where you can find someone by entering all or part of the first name, last name, spouse’s name, or email address. Notice that there are links at the top to enable you to hide or show certain columns. That can be really handy for printing the roster to make it fit on the width of a page or to make it fit your screen resolution.