With Sun City West
Reciprocal team play has been scheduled for selected Sundays at 1:00 pm. See the schedule below.

Players sign up for an ‘A’ team (skill level 4.0+) or a ‘B’ team that requires a rating of 3.5 or a ‘C’ team (skill level 3.0 and lower). Players are also assigned a mixed doubles partner and a partner for men’s or women’s play.

If you have played before, you may be replaced by someone that has not had the opportunity to play.

Doubles teams will be matched up to play against a team of the other club. Players will play 3 games to 11 in mixed doubles and also in men’s or women’s doubles. Scores are accumulated for the number of games won for each club.

Players of the host club bring a wholesome snack to be shared by all. Each division will be assigned a clean-up turn. If you fail to clean up, you will not be allowed to play in the next 2 events.

Contact Jeff Skaggs if you have questions or are not sure of your rating.

Map of Liberty Courts at Sun City West.

Sign up here… Reciprocal Team Play is done for the season and will resume October 2019.

March 18, 2019

Sun City PB Club vs SC West Reciprocal Players

It has been our pleasure, with the gracious assistance from my wife Linda (you all know that she does most of the work), to administer the Reciprocal play this season with Sun City West.

With much effort and pride we unfortunately lost to Sun City West on their courts today. We were very happy to see the comradery our players had by wearing the green of St. Patrick’s Day today.

Thank you all for your teamwork and pride in our club by supporting this event.

We submitted the schedule for next season to Sun City West for their consideration and approval for a six month schedule Oct 2019 thru Mar 2020. I hope that you all participate again next season.

The final scores from today were as follows:

Women’s Doubles: SC 14 games to SCW 13 games, Score Totals SC 225 points to SCW 210 points (Good job Ladies).

Men’s Doubles: SC 10 games to SCW 17 games, Score Totals SC 197 points to SCW 241 points (Spanked)

Mixed Doubles: SC 18 games to SCW 36 games, Score Totals SC 407 points to SCW 501 points (Double Spanked)

Totals: SC 42 games to SCW 66 games, Score Totals SC 829 points to SCW 952 points (Not that far back in points)

This leaves the season Total to 3 Matches won by each Club for a season TIE!!!!!

Can’t wait for next season!!!

Thanks again for all of you that participated and assisted with scorekeeping we appreciate it.

Jeff and Lynda Skaggs
Sun City Pickleball Club Reciprocal Administrators

2.0-2.5 Social Play With Westbrook Village
This event has been canceled for the Spring 2019 season.