Guidelines for Modified Pickleball Court Monitors

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The main objective is to help facilitate play by:

Determine which rules players want to play by
Keeping balls in play
Picking up balls on the court
Help with scorekeeping
Suggesting break times, if needed
Participating in play, as needed
Be positive and encouraging
Watching for safety issues

Be sure to remind players of the most important safety rules:
Never back up to hit a ball.
Always yell “ball” when a ball has entered another court.

Injuries & Incidents

From RCSC Board Policies — BP12Chartered Clubs
If an incident (sickness, loss of consciousness, etc.) or injury (slip, fall, etc.) occurs during club use of RCSC Facilities, first response is to call 911, second response is to notify RCSC personnel, preferably the Area Supervisor or Center’s Lead Custodian, and once the inflicted individual has been safely responded to, an Incident Report Form must be completed and filed by those witnessing the incident.