• Men’s ladders: Thursdays, October 20, 2022 – April 2023. Time will be 11:00am (A-ladder) and 12:00pm (B-ladder).
  • Women’s ladders for skill-level 2.0-4.0: Mondays, October 10, 2020 – April 2023. Time will be 11:00am and 12:00pm.
  • Friday Mixed ladder will resume October 21, 2022 – April 2023 at 11:00am.

Ladder Standings and Weekly Schedule for Men’s, and Friday Ladders.

Ladder Standings and Weekly Schedule for Women’s Ladders.

New Players:
The standings pages for the ladders have a link labeled “Players Register Here”. Players that have not played in the desired Sun City ladder may register by clicking on that link.

Returning Players:

  • Men that previously played on the Men’s ladder should click on the email link of the appropriate ladder captain on the standings page to request addition to the schedule. Be sure to include any changes to your email address or phone number. All others should register as new players.
  • Women that previously played on the women’s ladders should send an email to the ladder captain requesting addition to the schedule. All others should register as new players.
  • Friday ladder players should send an email to the ladder captain requesting addition to the schedule.

Eligibility: Membership in the Sun City Pickleball Club is required.

Format: You don’t need to have a partner. The Women’s and Men’s ladders have separate ladders for A and B skill levels. Those skill designations are for relative levels within the club.

The format is designed for the maximum amount of flexibility for the players. Players may enter or leave a ladder at any time or miss a week or more because of their schedule. The only requirement is to inform the ladder captain before the schedule is made out for the upcoming week. The ladder captain will provide guidelines for the weekly signup.

The format is designed so that players mostly play others of similar skill level. The ranking is based on the winning percentage (ratio of points won to total points possible). Players will move between ladders based on the playing skill  or within the ladder based upon their winning percentage. The results of the ten most recent weeks will be used for the calculation. Each week, the players will be placed in groups of 4 in the order of the ranking on the ladder. Players will play three 15-point doubles games in a round-robin fashion with the other players of the foursome.

The percentages are based only on the matches that are actually played. The league is designed to be a perpetual league with no particular start or end date. Players can enter or leave the league at any time.  After games have been played, players record their scores on the score sheet that should be made available in the area by the ladder captain. The score sheet can be printed from the schedule that the program creates on the website. Post the individual scores and the total for all three games. There is a maximum of 3 times the number of points in a game because you do not have to win by 2 points.

When scores are entered into the program, standings are automatically posted on the league page of the website.

Publishing the Playing Schedule: The Playing Schedule will be published on the Ladder Page on a schedule determined by the ladder captains, typically a day or two prior to the scheduled play date. Players will be notified by email that the schedule has been posted to the website.

Ladder Displays: Only players on the ACTIVE list will be published on the Ladder page of the website under “Standings”. Ladder Captains may place any player who cannot play for a number of weeks on an INACTIVE list which is seen only by the Captain. The schedule is displayed each week showing only those players who are available to play that week or are assigned a bye/sub.

Absences BEFORE Schedule is published: If a player is unable to play on the specified day, the player should notify the Ladder Captain no later than the day before the schedule is published. This is normally a couple of days before the play date. The groupings will then be made without that player. The player’s most recent score will stand until the player resumes play. There is no penalty for being absent as long as the player has notified the Captain before the stated deadline.

Absences AFTER Schedule is Published: After the schedule is published and prior to the actual match:

If a player is unable to play after the schedule is published and prior to the actual match, the player should CONTACT THE LADDER CAPTAIN IMMEDIATELY.

Percentage Establishment: Playing percentage is based on the number of points scored divided by the number of points possible (for example, 45 for a 3-game match of 15 points per game). The Ladder program tracks players’ rankings to eliminate major “bouncing” up and down the ladder. For instance, if you are a new player starting at the bottom of the ladder and your first score is 45, your percentage would be 100. Logically, your next match would be against the top players, which may not be in everyone’s best interest. So the program has a built-in rule which RESTRICTS each player’s movement to no more than an amount set by the ladder manager regardless of their percentage. Hence, one week you could have 85% and be ranked below a player who has 75% because you moved up only some of the ladder positions from where you were. The reverse holds true going down the ladder should you have a very bad day. The rule overrides your percentage. Hence, you could have 75% and still be ranked higher than someone with 80% because you moved down only a few of the ladder positions from where you were. An “R” for “Restricted Position” appears next to the percentage on the Standings page.

Inactive Players: Players may enter or leave a league at any time or miss a week or more because of their personal schedules. The ONLY requirement is to notify their Ladder Captain BEFORE the match schedule is made out for the upcoming week. If you cannot play for a period of more than 2 weeks, the Captain may place you in an Inactive status until you notify the Ladder Captain that you can play again. The player’s percentage stays the same while on the Inactive List. The Inactive List does not display on the web site. Note: Players who have been on the Inactive List will re-enter the league at the ranking at which they left the league.

Bye/Sub: Byes are assigned if the Ladder Captain is unable to fill out a foursome. Byes are normally assigned from the bottom of the ladder ranking up, skipping any player who has already had a Bye. Assignment of Byes is at the discretion of the Captain. In later weeks when everyone has had a Bye, the ladder captain may choose to start over again. Byes are carried with any movement between ladders. Bye players should be available as a Sub in case a scheduled player cannot play.

Sub Scores: Sub scores count if the sub is one of the players listed on the schedule as a Bye/Sub and the sub played all 3 games. A Sub’s score would not count if the Sub played a partial match (i.e. fills in for an injured player). A sub’s score would not count when the sub player played an assigned match PLUS agreed to sub in another match. There is no score if play is not with the same four players for the full match (3 games).

Recording of Scores for Interrupted Matches: Scoring for interrupted matches due to weather or injury should be handled as follows:

  1. If the match is terminated before the start of the third game, scores should not be recorded.
  2. If the match is terminated sometime during the third game, points for the third game will be assumed to be in the same ratio of the score up to that point. For example, if the score was 9 to 7 at termination, the winning team would get 15 (assuming a 15-point game) and the losing team would get 7/9 of 15 = 12 (rounded to the nearest point).