Introductory lessons have been suspended for the summer season and will resume in the fall of 2017.

Marinette Recreation Center – Monday 11:30 AM. A free Introduction to Pickleball lesson is offered every Monday at 11:30 a.m. at Marinette Recreation Center. This introductory class is geared toward those who have no knowledge of pickleball or just those curious as to what the game with the funny name is all about.

The class is taught by Peter Miceli with the goal of acquainting prospective pickleball players with the fundamentals of the game including scoring, rules, court orientation & execution. The class is very popular & registration is required. It is available to all current RCSC members. Click the registration link below to register for the class. For questions, contact Peter with this email form.

Paddles and balls are provided.

Mountain View Recreation Center – Tuesday 7:00 PM. Both an Introduction to Pickleball and Beginner Clinics will be held at Mountain View by Bob and Judy Mclin. Players in this clinic are just getting started or have very little experience with the game of Pickleball and are approximately in the 1.0-1.5 skill level as shown on this page of the IFP ratings descriptions. Sign up below for the beginner clinic.

Click this link to register for the Monday session at Marinette

Click this link to register for the Tuesday session at Mountain View

Note: You may register at Signup Genius for lessons without registering at the site. However, registration makes it easier to cancel a signup or to register for future events.