As discussed at the recent Sun City Pickleball Club meeting, we would like to get all Sun City Pickleball club members rated using the current IFP rating system that describes differences in the various skill levels. The purpose of having all members rated is to group players by ability level so that players can take a clinic or compete in tournaments or leagues with other players of similar ability. Click here to read guidelines of the skill characteristics of each level.

Your rating, as determined at a Sun City Pickleball Club rating clinic, is strictly for classifying purposes within Sun City. Your rating will help assure that you are in the correct clinic, local Sun City tournament division or play group. It is NOT an official USAPA rating. Members who have a USAPA rating don’t need to sign up for a Sun City rating at this time. Please add your USAPA rating to the roster published on

The next Sun City rating clinic is scheduled at the Marinette Center courts on Thursday, February 23 at 11:30 a.m. Check for additional dates and sign up for a Sun City rating clinic here. Rating clinics will take less than one hour. You will be asked to rate yourself according to your own self-assessment based on the skill characteristics. You will be grouped on a court with others of similar skill level & asked to participate in a structured skill rally and play points of a game, giving everyone a chance to serve, receive and play out points. Your play will be observed by at least two pickleball players who have thorough knowledge of the skill levels & characteristics of each rating level.

We strongly encourage everyone to attend a Sun City rating clinic & get a current rating. If you are unable to attend one of the above three rating clinics, please keep checking this site, as other rating clinics will be set up. Knowing your rating will make you a better, more intelligent player & offer the opportunity to contact compatible level players for games, drills & tournament partners.