This weekly get together runs Friday evenings at 5 at Marinette from early October through mid April.  There will not be a weekly reminder, but it is on the Club calendar. We started this event several years ago as a way for members and their significants to get to know each other beyond their mutual interests in PB.There is no set format for play, but the atmosphere is pretty relaxed. Several non players show up each week to watch, visit and enjoy a meal together.

“Grab a Bite” usually starts between 6:30 and 7, and last night the monitor requested we depart at 8:50.  Through November, and beginning again in March, dinner is a picnic on the south patio.  From December through February we have Marinette Auditorium reserved on the first and third Fridays of each month so we may move our picnics there.  The exception is the first Friday of 2017 when the Club has a Pot Luck scheduled there.  On the other cooler weather Fridays we’ll play at 5 and head for local restaurants for dinner, possibly as one large group, or maybe as several smaller groups.