Enhance the sport of pickleball and enjoyment of fellow pickleball players.


Elected officer positions will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, At-Large member, Membership Chairman, and Publicity Chairman. All of these positions will have voting rights. The President may assign a replacement for any of these positions in the event of extended periods of absence.


President – preside at all club meetings and direct the activities of the club Executive Board. The President will communicate with the RCSC club office and ensure the club rules and regulations are updated and officially recorded. Ad hoc committees may be established at the discretion of the President.

Vice President – presides in the absence of the President and performs such duties as required and assists all other officers when needed.

Secretary – record all the minutes of club meetings and post them to the membership. Ensure the retention of club records, reports, bulletin boards, and usage sheets. The Secretary may also assist in maintaining the member roster and new member information.

Treasurer – acts as custodian of all club funds. Maintain a checking account for the club and ensure all monies are deposited and recorded accurately, and that all financial reports are properly kept, maintained, filed with the RCSC and club office and that all federal and state tax reports are prepared and timely filed. The President and Vice President shall be signatories on all club accounts.

Membership Chairman – update and post the member roster and procures name tags. May also assist in Treasurer’s duties.

Publicity Chairman – ensures all communications in newspapers and the Sun View are up to date. Collect and maintain a file on any newsworthy events and post them on the bulletin board.

At-large Member – assist any officer that needs help between the two locations, new member applications and orientation, procuring name tags, and postings to the bulletin boards.


Membership is open to all RCSC member or Privilege cardholders in good standing. A RCSC cardholder is required to join after three participating visits to the club.


By May first, the President will establish a nomination committee consisting of three(3) members. No current board members may serve on this committee. The committee members will be posted so the membership may contact them for potential candidates. This committee shall report to the President no later than the fall membership meeting of proposed candidates for the positions.

Officers are elected yearly at the December membership meeting. An officer’s term shall be one (1) calendar year. An officer may serve a maximum of three (3) years in any one position. A motion will be presented nominating a person for the respective position. Balloting will be by a show of hands unless there is more than one person running for any office, and then a paper ballot will be required.


The Executive Board will hold three (3) to four (4) meetings a year. General membership meetings will be held three (3) to four (4) times a year. Times will be established by the President, filed with the RCSC, and a notice sent to the membership. A notice of any general membership meeting will be posted on the bulletin board ten (10) days in advance of each meeting. Any officer may call additional meetings as deemed necessary.


The Executive Board, except for paddles, balls, or nets, may not spend more than $200.00 for any single expenditure without the general membership approval. Expenditures for tournaments, clinics, and all other events where fees are charged are exempt from the S200.00 limit. However, the Executive Board must approve all expenditures for such events. Consistent with bank rules, at least three (3) signatures are required on any bank card.

Membership dues will be set by the Executive Board. Any recommendation for a dues increase will be voted on at a General Membership meeting and must pass by a majority of members attending.

Dues paid in the last quarter of the year (October–December) shall be good through the following year.


Our club from time to time may issue an invitation to other pickleball clubs in surrounding communities to attend special events. It is understood that such invitations be issued only on an occasional basis. The President of the club must follow the reciprocal agreement as in BP-12 and the visiting club must also agree to reciprocate the same in return. Both club presidents shall complete and send in the proper forms and present them to the RCSC for approval. Form BP-12-9-A and BP-12-9.


Club name badges are to be worn at all times. All members should wear appropriate clothing and shoes.

A club visitor is a RCSC cardholder but not a member of the club. A visitor may participate in club time play for a maximum of three (3) times and thereafter must join the club. A visitor may not displace club members.

A club guest is a non-RCSC cardholder and may not displace one at any time. The two dollar ($2) RCSC guest fee shall be paid via punch card at the monitor station at the appropriate facility. The host must be with the guest at the monitor station and escort the guest to the courts. The club Executive Board may determine the number of guests allowed per member, and in total, at any time based on the number of players, court availability, events planned and other factors that may arise. A guest may be invited to some club events by a member, but not by open invitation, and is not eligible for membership or participation in club tournaments, ladders, lessons, reciprocal play or other events as determined by the Executive Board.

Club times are listed on the website and are subject to change, depending on the following: hours may be added depending on the volume of players, site availability due to special events, construction, or repairs. Indoor hours are set by RCSC.


Indoor play requires a monitor at all times. Members should, at some time, volunteer for the duties of club monitors which oversee the player sign-in sheets and regulates play on the two courts. The monitor will turn in the attendance sheet to the RCSC monitor at Mountain View.


Members shall conduct themselves with a good sportsman demeanor, being polite and respectful of the rights and privileges of other members. Any member not doing so will be subject to the provision in RCSC board policy article VIII and the club Executive Board. All complaints, including witness accounts, should be directed in writing to an Executive Board member. If the behavior, verbal or physical, is directed toward another member, a RCSC Incident Report, available from a center monitor, should also be completed.


Amended February 2016